Dialog windows are used extensively in the Team Sports Scheduling System for the input and display of data. Following is a list of all thes you may encounter while using this program and a brief description of the main purpose of the. For more detailed information on a specific, click it's name.

Name Description
About TSSS Displays credits and version information.
Add Game to Game Set Allows you to add an extra game to a game set.
Add Official Displayed when adding an official to a game.
Advanced Schedule Settings Allows you to customize the scheduler.
Choose Directory Allows you to pick a folder on your harddrive or network drive.
Confirm Create Master Schedule Displayed when attempting to create a new Master Schedule.
Contact and Sponsor List Displays a list of contacts and sponsors in the project.
Create Game Set Allows you to create team pairings for scheduling.
Create New Project Displayed when you create a new project.
Create Schedule Allows you to create a new schedule.
Create/Edit Contact Displayed when creating or editing a contact.
Create/Edit Field Displayed when creating or editing a field.
Create/Edit League Displayed when creating or editing a league.
Create/Edit Master Schedule Displayed when creating or editing a master schedule.
Create/Edit Official Displayed when creating or editing a official.
Create/Edit Practice Schedule Displayed when creating or editing a practice schedule.
Create/Edit Season Schedule Displayed when creating or editing a season schedule.
Create/Edit Sponsor Displayed when creating or editing a sponsor.
Create/Edit Team Displayed when creating or editing a team.
Create/Edit Tournament Schedule Displayed when creating or editing a tournament schedule.
Division Name Allows you to specify a division's name.
Edit Game Allows you to reschedule the game or change the score among other things.
Edit Position Allows you to change the official's position or create a new one.
Enter a Number Displayed when the program requires you to enter a number.
Enter Codes The unlock codes for registering this program.
Enter Start Times Allows you to enter a game start time or availability block.
Exceptions Allows you to enter an exception for game play.
File In Use Allows you to set a notification when a project file becomes available for editing.
Find Allows you to find a word or phrase in the Edit View.
Find Game Times Allows you to quickly search for open time slots in the season.
Getting Started Displayed when first starting the Team Sports Scheduling System.
Import Allows you to import data into your current scheduling project.
Items List Allows you to select multiple data items at one time.
League Fields Selection Allows you to specify which fields the league uses for game play.
License Agreement Displays the license agreement for this program.
New Allows you to create a new project, file, or item.
Officials Selection Allows you to select which officials to schedule.
Options Allows you to customize the look and feel of this program.
Print Allows you to specify printing options before printing.
Print Setup Allows you to change the page orientation and other print settings.
Print Wizard Walks you through printing different reports.
Prioritize Days Allows you to prioritize which days get scheduled first.
Project Wizard Shows a list of steps and buttons to create items.
Properties Displays information on the currently selected item.
Purchase Displays information on how to purchase this program.
Quick Create Wizard Allows you to quickly create a number of items.
Replace Allows you to find and replace text in the Edit View.
Select Date Allows you to select a date.
Select Division Allows you to choose a division when moving teams.
Select Schedule Lets you select which schedule to add a new game to.
Select Team Allows you to select a specific team for tournament game play.
Select Teams Lets you select a range of teams for tournament game play.
Set Priority Displayed when you change the priority of a field.
Setup Time Combo Allows you to customize which times are displayed in the Start Time and End Time combo boxes.
Software Status The current status of this program, whether purchased or a trial version.
Team Standing Details Displays a teams standing information as well as it's games.
Tip of the Day Displays tips that may be helpful in using this program.