Round Robin Scheduler

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History of Changes

Latest Version - 1/11/2013

  • Fixed issue with combo boxes not displaying correctly in Windows 7
  • Added error message when adding an available time block where the end time is before the start time

Previous Versions - 12/7/2008

  • Fixed issue where league and division combos were grayed out when creating a new team
  • Fixed issue where the importer wouldn't auto match the column names - 10/27/2008

  • Added button for quick access to create a new game
  • The New Game dialog now defaults to the selected day in the DayView
  • Fixed issue where teams and fields would occassionally be scheduled on a blackout date
  • Fixed issue where bye games were being counted against the max team games day/week constraint in the conflict checker
  • Fixed the balance team start times constraint so it will no longer schedule a game at a field that isn't available
  • Fixed issue where division names weren't being sorted on the generated website - 6/12/2007

  • Added ability to cut & paste games from one day to another on the DayView to quickly reschedule an entire day
  • Added ability to copy games and paste to another day. This way you can quickly add more games to the schedule
  • Added 'Sway Home & Away' teams to the right-click menu on the event grids and also to the Edit menu
  • Added ability to shift game times by days & weeks instead of just by hours
  • Fixed bug introduced in 5.0.2 that duplicates all games when loading in a project file (only visible if you then try to reschedule all the games)
  • Fixed errors when loading a TSX file that wasn't created by TSSS or the Round Robin Scheduler
  • Fixed issue with locked games being rescheduled when the locked games were outside the season start/end dates
  • Added better sort capabilities when exporting data from one of the list controls.
  • Added ability to see and delete the extra added games to a gameset - 5/10/2007

  • Fixed schedule summary report where all teams weren't being displayed in the 'Team Summary', 'Home Away List', and 'Team Vs Team' sections of the report.
  • Fixed refresh issue in DayView and the ReportView tabs when selecting a league after selecting a team in the filter combo
  • Fixed schedule summary where dates were sometimes out of order on the Home/Away report section
  • Fixed refresh conflict status issue when creating a new game
  • Fixed exception time type only allowing tournament exceptions from season and practice schedules
  • Fixed crash bug when clicking or otherwise opening the File menu when the web view is the active window
  • Updated menus style
  • Fixed field import issue where fields wouldn't show up in the project tree
  • Fixed crash bug when scheduling if a team had been set up to use another team's start times and that team had been deleted from the project
  • Fixed crash bug when scheduling bye teams in certain circumstances
  • Removed the view webpage button on the Project Tree
  • Added informational warning message when creating start times for a schedule - 2/15/2007

  • Added and improved lots of new features from v4.0