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Below is a categorized list of features supported by the Round Robin Scheduler. It would take to long to write (and read) a complete list of features so here are some of the highlights. Most of these features are a result of customer requests. New features in the Round Robin Scheduler v5 are denoted with a *. Click the links below to jump to that section, or scroll down to read the features in order.

›› Availability & Start Times

Our competitors can't compete with the flexibiliy provided by the Round Robin Scheduler for setting up field availability, and team, league, and division game start times.

Team, Division, and League Game Start Times
  • Set start times by day of the week
  • Prioritize which day of the week should be scheduled first
  • Prioritize the start time order - start times listed first on a day will be filled before ones lower in the list (this is great if you want most of your games to start at 8pm, but you also have a 7pm time slot you can use
  • Blackout specific dates, or set special start times on specific days
  • For simple schedules, just set start times on the season schedule
  • Set game start times on the league, and have all teams automatically inherit them
  • *Teams can inherit start times from another team or league, and override the start times on certain days by creating exceptions
  • Add multiple start times on a day for double-header scheduling (double-headers are only booked if more than one team game is allowed per day)
Field Availability
  • Set field availability by day of the week
  • Blackout days for scheduling, or set special available hours on specific days
  • Set up one field's Availability, and have other fields inherit it (so you don't have to set up each individually
  • *Add exceptions to availability even if the field is inheriting another field's availability

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›› Field Setup

  • Set opening/closing hours on a field-by-field basis, or inherit from another field (see Availability & Start Times above)
  • Create a heirarchy of fields so double-header games can be scheduled at the group
  • Teams can have one home field, a prioritized list of home fields, or depend on the league's prioritized list of home fields
  • Add directions, contacts, and sponsors
  • You don't need to create fields for scheduling

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›› Round-Robin Scheduling Features

Basic Features
  • Automatic schedule generation
  • Division and Inter-division scheduling
  • Balance home/away frequency
  • Balance start times
  • Balance field usage
  • Won't double-book coaches, fields, or teams
  • Won't schedule the same games back-to-back
  • Minimum rest time between the next game (days off between games)
  • Maximum number of team games per week
  • Game duration from 1 minute to 1 day
  • Remembers all your settings so you can later make changes and reschedule the season
  • Games are scheduled based on day-of-week and start time priority (see Availabilty & Start Times above)
  • *Fields are not required to schedule games (great for Fantasy Sports leagues)
  • Settings for max number of league games per day and week
  • Optional season end date
  • Games can be locked so they won't be auto-scheduled
Double-Header Support
  • Max team games per day
  • Minimum rest time between games
  • *Maximum rest time between games
  • *Limit double-header games to the same field, same group of fields, or any field
  • Limit double-headers to certain days (see Availability & Start Times above)
Team Pairings

The Round Robin Scheduler makes creating the game sets (team pairings) easy.

  • You have complete control over how your teams will play each other
  • Have all selected teams play each other one or more times, or
  • Have all selected teams play a certain number of games
  • Home/Away frequency is balanced within the game set
  • Create games sets for each division and have them all scheduled at once
  • Add or remove specific games to fully customize who plays who

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›› Scores & Standings

Game Support
  • Enter home and away scores (points shot, goals, etc) on a game by game basis
  • *Forfeit support - home or away forfeit per game
  • *Optionally don't include a specific game in the standings calculation
  • Overtime support
Standings Calculation
  • Specify how many points for a win, loss, tie, and overtime loss
  • *Specify points for a forfeit win and a forfeit loss
  • *Optionally count a forfeit win as a win
  • *Optionally count a forfeit loss as a loss
  • Customizable tie-breaker support including Win/Loss Percentage, Total Points, Point Differential, Higher Points For, Lower Points Against

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›› Reporting Features

The Print Wizard provides easy access to all reports. Print Wizard reports can be sent to the printer, the screen, or exported to CSV (comma or tab delimited) and HTML (Web) files. Also, season and practice schedules provide a Summary report which details home/away frequency, start time usage, field usage, and other important aspects of the schedule. The following reports are supported from the Print Wizard

  • Master Schedule
  • League Schedule
  • Division Schedule
  • Team Schedule
  • Field Schedule
  • Division Standings
  • Team Standings
Contact List
Game List

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›› Conflict Resolution

The Round Robin Scheduler will not schedule conflicting games. However, it allows full manual override for scheduling and rescheduling games. Sometimes it is easier to reschedule a conflicting game while you are customizing the schedule, so the conflict status icons can immediately alert you to potential problems with the schedule. Here is a list of some of the conflicts RRS checks for.

  • Check if coaches are double-booked
  • Check if the field is available
  • Check if the field is double-booked
  • Check if the field has been specified
  • Check if playing on the home team's field
  • Check if teams are double-booked
  • Check if the home and away teams have been specified
  • Check if the same teams are playing back-to-back games
  • Check the max team games per day constraint
  • Check the max team games per week constraint
  • Check the max league games per day constraint
  • Check the max league games per week constraint
  • Check the maximum double-header rest time constraint
  • Check the minimum double-header rest time constraint
  • Check if double header games are at the same field/group of fields

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›› Importing & Exporting Data

  • Import Data using the Import Wizard
  • *Import team, division, league, field, contact, and sponsor information all from one file
  • Import data from previous projects
  • Also import contacts, sponsors, leagues, teams, divisions, and fields independently
  • Export data using the Print Wizard to specify the data, and export to CSV and HTML files
  • *Right-click any grid and choose to export the list in HTML, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, XML, and iCal formats
  • Copy & Paste data from the game lists to Excel, Word, or any other type of program

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›› Ease of Use Features

  • Wizard based data entry for all data
  • Multiple Undo/Redo support - so don't worry about making a mistake!
  • Drag & Drop rescheduling of games
  • *Cut, Copy, and Paste games from one day to another to quickly reschedule
  • Quickly create a skeleton project with the New Project Wizard or the Quick Create dialog
  • Swap game times for the two selected events
  • *Easily swap home and away teams by right-clicking on any grid
  • *Shift selected game times earlier or later in the day, week, or season
  • Import data from previous projects or other files
  • Find Available Times dialog helps you quickly find open time slots to reschedule rainouts
  • Conflict and status icons quickly alert you to any potential problems with the schedule
  • Help is only a keypress away - press F1 on any screen for context sensitive help
  • Easily add lots of start times at once with the redesigned Start Time dialog
  • Add ad-hoc games easily to a schedule
  • Customize the interface of the program to display only the information you need - where you want
  • Easily synchronize the game list views for a particular field, team, league, or schedule by right-clicking the item in the project tree and choosing Synchronize Views
  • Sticky Properties window to show you context sensitive information for whatever is currently selected
  • Contact management for all teams, leagues, and fields
  • View games by day with the DayView, or a list of games between two dates with the ReportView
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to use the mouse

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›› New & Updated Features in RRS v5

  • Drag & Drop game rescheduling
  • Start times and exceptions can now be created for Season schedules so you don't have to set up start times for leagues, teams, or fields
  • Start time/availability Exceptions can now be created for teams and fields AND those teams and fields can still inherit start times & exceptions from another team, field, or league
  • Fields are no longer required in order to create a schedule (great for fantasy sports leagues)
  • You can now group fields together and only allow double-header games to be scheduled at the same group
  • Added a Schedule Summary screen after a schedule has been created which reports on start time & field usage, home/away streaks and other helpful information
  • Added a max time between double-header games scheduling constraint
  • Added ability to shift game times
  • Added ability to export data in multiple formats from each of the game lists
  • Added ability to ignore specific games when calculating standings
  • Improved standings & forfeit support. Forfeits can now be counted as a win or loss, and points can be assigned to forfeits
  • Improved start time & available time data entry
  • Improved data import so you can now import teams, divisions, leagues, sponsors, fields, and contacts from one CSV file
  • Improved the Quick Create screen so it is easier to create new data
  • Improved Bye support
  • Improved the New Project Wizard. You can now import or create a skeleton project in a few clicks
  • Greatly improved the number of conflict checks and added support to enable/disable conflict checking
  • Lots of other enhancements.

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