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Quickly create round-robin, tournament, official, and practice schedules for all sports.

This year, create your sports schedules in minutes instead of days with the easy to use, all-in-one Team Sports Scheduling System™. Download and Install today to discover why thousands of leagues around the world have chosen TSSS as their #1 scheduling solution.

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All Schedules, All Sports

Schedule your single-elimination, double-elimination, and consolation tournament bracket schedules as well as your round-robin and practice schedules all from one program. Plus, TSSS schedules officials for your round-robin and tournament games as well! TSSS also works with nearly any sport including baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, darts, billiards, curling, basketball, football, fantasy leagues, and frog jumping (to name a few). If you are only interested in round-robin scheduling, be sure to check out the Round Robin Scheduler.

More Teams Than You Can Handle

Unlike our competitors, we don't put unreasonable limits on the number of teams, leagues, fields, and officials you can schedule with the Team Sports Scheduling System. Round-robin, official, and practice scheduling support tens-of-thousands of teams*, and tournament scheduling supports up to 1024 teams in the first round - try drawing that on paper!

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Unmatched Flexibility

We know every league is different which is why we built the Team Sports Scheduling System with scheduling flexibility in mind. Teams, leagues, fields and officials can all specify their available times and exception dates. The scheduler will balance game start times, field usage, and home/away frequency, and won't schedule games back-to-back. If scheduling double-headers, you can force them to be scheduled at the same field, or at a group of fields. You can also set a minimum and maximum rest time between games. Do you have coaches with multiple teams? No problem, their teams won't be scheduled at the same time. The list goes on and on!

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Sophisticated Conflict Resolution

All game lists contain color coded icons to quickly alert you of any potential problems with the schedule. Over 25 contraints are checked for each game so you can rest assured the schedule is sound. Rescheduling games due to rainouts is a snap with the Find Available Times feature - all available times in the season are listed as well as any constraints that will be violated if rescheduling a game to that time.

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Fully Customizable Website Generation

Your complete league website is a click away with the Website Generation feature in the Team Sports Scheduling System! We provide a number of color styles and templates for you to choose from, but you have complete control over how it looks since we give you the source code! We use industry standard HTML and Javascript in the templates so anybody who has created a simple web page can customize your site.

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Import, Export, and Reporting

Easily set up your project by importing your leagues, teams, divisions, fields, contacts, sponsors, and officials from a CSV file exported from your database or league management software. Don't have data to import? No problem - TSSS can create a skeleton project with all your teams, divisions, and fields in one click! Once your schedule has been created, use the Print Wizard to run reports and export your data in comma delimited, tab delimited, or HTML formats. If that isn't easy enough, right-click a game list and choose to Export in CSV, HTML, XML, or iCal formats from the context menu. Finally, use the Custom Reports feature to write your own reports using the industry standard scripting language, Javascript.

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