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Frequenly Asked Questions




Can the program schedule a league that is setup like this?

For the majority of leagues, this program will not have any problems creating your schedules provided your games only have two teams. The best way to know for sure is to download the program and try it out.

How do I schedule double headers?

Make sure sure the 'max team games a day' setting is set to two or more on the schedule Settings screen (the same screen you specified the season start and end dates, and the game duration). Also, make sure you have more than one start time specified on the days you want double-headers to be played.

Can you send me the product on CD?

Yes. Be sure to select the CDROM version of the product when you order. The program will then be sent to you on a CD-ROM disk with the unlock codes (the unlock codes will also be emailed to you so you can immediately use the program). Please note that no paper manual is shipped with the CD version. All documentation on how to use the program is installed on your computer when you install the program. Please see the help file.

Does the product work for tennis or golf?

You can use this program to schedule tennis and golf games as long as you can treat each of the players as a team, and there are no more than two teams for a game. This might take some creativity especially with doubles tennis and golfing with four players. Native built in support for these types of schedules is not supported at this time.

How can I export the tournament brackets to the web?

To save the bracket as a GIF, JPG, or PNG file, right-click the bracket on the screen and choose the 'Save Bracket As...' option. Enter the file name and extension and click OK. The bracket image looks best when saved as a GIF or PNG image (JPG images look a little blurred).

Does the product run on Windows 7?

Yes the software runs fine on Windows 7 - both 32-bit and x64.

What are the annual costs associated with the program?

There are no annual costs associated with the program. Minor updates (bug fixes and some features) are free for download. Major version releases will most likely cost money (upgrades from a previous version will be heavily discounted).

How can I customize the website?

To customize the website, you need to be familiar with HTML. The files that you will want to customize are located in the Program Files\TSSS 4.0\Templates folder. It is not recommended that you modify the files in the Default folder, but instead make a copy of the Default folder and give it a new name. Modify the files in that folder as you see fit. To have TSSS use your new template files, click 'Tools->Options' from the menu, and select the Web tab. In the Styles combo box, select the new folder you created. Click OK for your changes to be saved. Next time you generate the website, your new modified templates will be used.

How come the Upload Website feature doesn't work?

The Upload Website feature relies on the free Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard which is installed by some Microsoft products. If this product is not installed, the Upload Website feature won't work. The last time I looked, you could download the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard from Microsoft's website here.

I get errors when I try to run a report or generate the website. What can I do?

The website generation and the custom report features use Microsoft's Windows Scripting Host (WSH) to generate the output. We are using some features specific to WSH version 5.6. Therefore, if you don't have WSH version 5.6 installed, some of the reports and webpages won't work. To see which version of WSH you have, bring up the Command Prompt and type in 'cscript' and hit Enter. On the first line of output will be the version of Windows Script Host. If you don't have version 5.6 installed, you can download it from Microsoft's Windows Script Download web page. Be sure to download the appropriate version of Microsoft Windows Script depending on which version of Microsoft Windows you are running.