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Menu Option Description
Toolbars ->
Standard Displays the standard functions like New, Open, Save, etc.
Creation Buttons Provides buttons to create new teams, fields, leagues, etc...
Browser Displays buttons and functions relavent to the web browser.
Reports Provides bookmark functionality and allows you to run custom reports.
Status Bar Gives information on loading progress, and selected icons in the toolbar.
Project Workspace Window for viewing project data including: teams, officials, etc...
Game List Displays who plays who.
Output Window Displays any errors in executing programs, reports, etc...
Project Wizard Project Wizard gives step by step instructions on how to start your next project.
Project Website Displays the home page of your projects website.
Project Tree Organizes your project data and allows you to create, edit, delete, synchronize views, and perform other tasts.
Help Index Gives you a list of help topics.
Day View View events on the selected day of the month.
Report View View events by a range of dates.
Standings View View team scores and standings for the selected season and tournament schedules.
Tournament View Display the graphical bracket representation of the selected tournament. 
Unscheduled Games Lists unscheduled games for the selected schedule.
Scheduled Games Lists scheduled games for the selected schedule.
Color Keywords Colors keywords in the text editor view.
Properties Shows the properties window.