Standard Toolbar

Function Description
New Displays the New dialog allowing you to create a new project, report, or data item.
Open Opens a scheduling project, web page, or report file.
Save Saves the current project, report, or web page.
Cut Removes the selection from the active document and places it on the clipboard.
Copy Copies the selection to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes the copied or cut selection into the document.
Delete Removes the highlighted selection from the document.
Undo Reverses the last command or deletes the last entry you typed.
Redo Reverses the Undo command, bringing you back to where you started.
Toggle Project Workspace Show or hide the window for viewing project data including: teams, officials, etc...
Toggle Game List Show or hide the window that displays who plays who.
Toggle Output Window Show or hide the window that displays any errors in executing programs, reports, etc...
Toggle Project Wizard Show or hide the Project Wizard which gives step by step instructions on how to start your next project.
Properties Shows the properties window.
Print Wizard Displays the Print Wizard.
Print Prints the current contents of the Day, Report, Standings, or Tournament view.
Check for New Version Checks the Internet to see if a new version of the Team Sports Scheduling System is available.
Help Displays the help file.