Team Sports Scheduling System Help

Thank you for choosing the Team Sports Scheduling System for your scheduling needs. Choose a topic below for more information on using the Team Sports Scheduling System.

Section Description
Introduction This section introduces the main features of this program and what is new in the latest version.
Getting Started Walks you through a high-level outline of how to use this program and what you should have ready before you begin.
Tutorial This section contains a number of tutorials on how to use this program
How Do I? Categorizes many common tasks and provides a quick walkthrough on how to accomplish those tasks.
Overview This section documents all features, options, and screens in this program and shows you how to use them.
Samples Documentation for the different sample projects included in this release.
Evaluation Version Limitations Lists the limitations for the evaluation version of this program.
How to Purchase Describes how you can purchase this program online, over the telephone, by FAX, and by mail.
Technical Support Describes how to receive technical support for using this program.
Contacting Galactix Software Provides contact information for this program and Galactix Software.