Multiple Schedules Project

Filename: Multiple Schedules.tss

The Multiple Schedules sample project demonstrates the use of multiple versions of a season schedule using two different master schedules. This allows you to do a side-by-side comparisons of different schedules so you can choose the better one to use.

Prioritized Fields Project

Filename: Prioritized Fields.tss

The Prioritized Fields sample project demonstrates how to set a team up to prioritize the fields it uses for home games. In this example Teams 1-4 use the league's list of prioritized fields, while Team 5 sets it's own prioritize for the fields.

Also demonstrated in this project:

  • Season Scheduling
  • Tournament Scheduling
  • Official Scheduling
  • Standings

Shared Fields

Filename: Shared Fields.tss

The Shared Fields sample project demonstrates the sharing of fields between teams and leagues. Two leagues are defined in the project, and five fields. Four teams are each sharing the same home field.

Also demonstrated in this project:

  • Season Scheduling
  • Practice Scheduling