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The purpose of this dialog is to inform the user that under normal circumstances only one master schedule should be created.

What is a Master Schedule?
In this program, the master schedule is where all the games from the season, practice, and tournament schedules are stored. The master schedule makes sure two games aren't being scheduled at the same time at the same field, and the teams aren't double-booked. Think of the master schedule as the Game Database. Games can only see games in the same master schedule (Game Database). If you create more than one master schedule, then the games in the first master schedule have no idea that the games in second master schedule exist.

When should I create a new Master Schedule?
There are some circumstances when creating multiple master schedules is beneficial.

  1. Different versions of the same schedule
    This is the main reason why we added the ability to create multiple master schedules. You can create multiple season schedules and vary some of the scheduling parameters to see which produced the best results. Then, you can determine which one you like best (or have the board of directors choose which one they like best), and delete the others.
  2. Large Project
    Creating multiple master schedules makes sense if your league or organization is segregated by region, and one group of teams plays independently from another group of teams, and each group of teams play on different fields (no fields are shared between the groups). The benefit is the scheduling process will be faster since the scheduler will have fewer games it needs to sort through when determining if the given teams and field are available.



This dialog is displayed whenever a new master schedule is about to be created and the warn feature hasn't been disabled (see the Options dialog).

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Note: Some features described in this help file are only available in the Team Sports Scheduling System.