TSSSX Scripting Examples

The existing website and custom report files can be used as example reports. The website reports are located in the TSSS Folder\Templates\Default, and the custom reports are located in the TSSS Folder\Reports folder on your computer. The TSSS Folder is the folder you installed the program to. The following example can be used as a template for creating new custom reports.

Enter your description here</description>

<copyright>Copyright (C) 2004</copyright>

<author>Your Name Here</author>



function myFunction(aVariable)
// do something here
return "Hello World.";
<!--# include file="serverscripts.inc"-->
<title>DEFAULT TITLE</title>
<%= Project.StyleSheetLink %>
<p class="title">
<%= myFunction() %>

<!--# include file="reportfooter.inc"-->


Please see the TSSSX Overview for information on different parts of this file.