File Menu

Menu Option Description
New Displays the New dialog allowing you to create a new project, report, or data item.
Open Opens a scheduling project, web page, or report file.
Close Closes a scheduling project, web page, or report file.
Save Saves the current project, report, or web page.
Save As... Allows you to decide filename, file type, and to which folder the file will be saved.
Open Project... Opens a scheduling project.
Print Wizard... Displays the Print Wizard.
Print Prints the current contents of the Day, Report, Standings, or Tournament view.
Print Preview Shows how a file will look when you print it.
Print Setup Sets margins, paper source, paper size, page orientation, and other layout options for the active file.
Import... Displays the Import dialog which allows you to import data from a CSV, TXT, or another Scheduling Project to the currently opened scheduling project.
Send Brings up Outlook so you can email a copy of the current Scheduling Project.
Recent Files Displays a list of the most recent files used.
Recent Projects Displays a list of your most recent Scheduling Projects.
Exit Exits the Team Sports Scheduling System.