Generating and Uploading the Project Website

One of the new features in this version of the Team Sports Scheduling System is the ability to automatically generate a website based on the current scheduling project. This is a feature your current webmaster may love or hate. Our assumption is your webmaster will love this feature because the website template files look almost identical to ASP pages - which means if your webmaster knows JavaScript or VBScript, they will have little trouble writing their own templates for the Team Sports Scheduling System. For more information on how to do just that, refer to the Authoring Custom Reports and Webpages section of this help file. To actually generate the website, see below.

Generating the Project Website

To generate the project website, simply choose Generate Website from the Tools menu. The Round Robin Scheduler will then build the project website and place all the files in a sub-folder from where your project is stored. The actual folder name is based on the project name, with a -Web added to the end. For example, say your project filename is "My Project.TSS", then the folder RRS will store the website in will be called "My Project-Web".

Uploading the Project Website to a Web Server

To upload the project website after it has been generated and you have inspected it to make sure it looks ok, choose Upload Website from the Tools menu. Follow the prompts to continue the upload.

Note: The Upload Website feature makes use of the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard which is bundled with many different Microsoft products including some versions of Internet Explorer. If the Web Publishing Wizard is not installed on your computer, you can download it for free from Microsoft and some other Internet sites.


Note: Some features described in this help file are only available in the Team Sports Scheduling System.