Round Robin Scheduler v4.0
Quickly create round-robin schedules for all sports.
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History of Changes - 1/11/2006 - Fifth Release

  • Added new constraint to not schedule the same teams back to back
  • Added new scheduling option to ignore the away team's start times. Games will be scheduled whenever the home team is available and will not check to see if the away team has a matching start time for the day
  • Fixed error when reading in malformed TSX files where properties were being set to invalid values if the property didn't exist in the file
  • Changed the file format to save the added settings. Files saved with this version of the program will not be read by previous versions (unless you save as a TSX file) - 9/19/2005 - Fourth Release

  • Fixed the occasional crash bug when importing a project from a TSS or TSX file
  • Fixed the all games not being scheduled when clicking the Reschedule button after already creating a schedule
  • Fixed bug where games would be reset to original matchups even though the home/away teams were manually changed to something different. The reset would happen when rescheduling the seasons
  • Copying data now also copies a text version in CSV format instead of XML so you can easily drop the data into a spreadsheet program
  • Fixed problem where number of games scheduled and unscheduled wouldn't be updated after clicking the Schedule Now button (both would remain at 0)
  • Fixed double-header scheduling bug where not as many double-headers were scheduled as there could have been.
  • Fixed minimum rest time between games bug where it would schedule games on consecutive days when the rest time between games was set to something greater than 1 day
  • Changed the games behind calculation to the following formula: ( (W - Tw) + (Tl - L) ) / 2.0 where:
    W - Rank 1 team's wins
    Tw - Trailing team's number of wins
    L - Rank 1 team's losses
    Tl - Trailing team's number of losses
    Note that the Games Behind value will only be accurate if the teams have all played the same number of games. The original formula was taken from this site:
  • Time format changes made in the Windows Control Panel are now immediately reflected in the program without having to restart
  • Fixed importing from XML bug where certain XML files would corrupt the data already in the project - 8/22/2004 - Third Release

  • Fixed duplicate games being added to project when loading in a project saved as XML (this would cause conflicts when editing game sets)
  • Fixed infinite loop problem when trying to create certain game sets
  • Fixed the random incorrect number of games being generated when creating a game set by the 'number of games' method (typically 1 more game than you would expect to be created). To fix the affected game set, you will need to delete & recreate it
  • Added project validation & data integrity check when loading a project. Problems are automatically fixed if possible
  • When creating a new gameset, the previously selected teams are no longer 'remembered'. This was necessary because of the random incorrect num of games bug mentioned above - 7/18/2004 - Second Release

  • Added progress bar when saving project as XML
  • Fixed problem where team pairings would be changed when editing a game set 
  • Fixed incorrect team pairings when creating a new game set after a previous games set had been created or edited that had extra games added or deleted
  • Fixed crash bug when trying to schedule a corrupted game set caused by the above mentioned bugs - 6/15/2004 - First Release

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